Beyond Foundations - Drop-in Practice Group

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Thu Jul 15, 7:00 PM - Thu Dec 30, 8:30 PM, 2021 (EDT)
Beyond Foundations - Drop-in Practice Group

Beyond the Foundations is a monthly drop-in Practice Group for those who have taken a NVC Foundations course and want to continue to learn, grow and integrate the principles and practices on Nonviolent Communication.    This monthly drop-in Practice Group is the ideal environment to continue your NVC Practice when you have limited time or until you can join the next NVC Class or weekly Practice Group.  We will deepen our exploration on topics such as:   

·    Learning to tune into what’s most important to you

·    Staying connected to your own needs and preferences

·    Caring for your own needs first to fuel compassion for others

·    Discover what blocks connection and understanding

·    Listen so other are really heard through the power of Empathy

·    Understanding communication that alienates connection

·    Transform judgment and criticism into understanding and connection 

·    Hear the needs behind whatever anyone does or says

·    Sharing heartfelt honesty while maintaining connection

·    Navigating challenging conversations with clarity and connection 

·    Identify outcomes that are satisfying to 

·    Gratitude – Cultivating an environment of gratitude

·    Expressing what’s working through the lens of appreciation

·    Cultivating strong relationships, built with mutual trust and cooperation


Beyond the Foundations is facilitated by Susanna Warren – A certified Trainer and Assessor with the International Center for Nonviolent Communication. 

Susanna Warren

Certified NVC Trainer